Sewer skater

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If you love skaters and all about skating and boards and anything about these extreme sport stuff, this is the game to play! But also if you hate this phenomen and you think that it is bullshit and it is to mainstream, it makes me a great honor to invite you to play this awesome Sewer Skater game and I promise you that you are gonna change your opinion about skating after playing it! Skaters are not only in the cities, spread through the dark streets from the cities but in the sewer too. Prove that you are a pro skater and you can unravel even in the worst conditions and circumstances you've ever been. First round of this awesome game pretends collecting 3000 point in only 60 seconds so if you can do it, you are surely able to get to another level of difficulty from this awesome game! Use the arrows in order to change the walking direction of this awesome skater and the SPACE bar in order to jump over obstacles. Good luck and have a lot of fun while you are playing this awesome and fantstic action game!


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