Papa's Scooperia

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Another interesting story happened in New York, where Papa Louie recently opened his new institution. You can choose the character you will play for, because the adventure will not change from this. It all started with the fact that the hero came to the American city as a tourist, but ran into a fraudster who offered to live in his room, which was in the same building as the new restaurant of Papa Louie. The thief robbed the tourist, taking with him all his things. The poor fellow did not have money left for a return ticket home, not to mention the fact that the rest was spoiled. But good Papa Louie extended a helping hand, offering the guy a temporary job at his cafe to raise money. From now on, you play while taking orders from hungry and curious customers. The game is divided into working days, and you need to listen carefully to what exactly visitors order, because the more accurately and correctly the dish will be prepared, the more you can earn, and in the break between days, open new updates. The first level in Papa's Scooperia unblocked game will be a trial where you can practice making cookies and ice cream. And only then the most interesting thing will begin.


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