Gift Express

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All year the factory of Santa Claus made toys for Christmas Eve. It's now a time to deliver the gifts to kids and makes their wishes come true. It's Christmas Eve, but the toys are still in the warehouse. Deliver Christmas gifts from the Toy Factory to several cities. Drive the snowy hills to the end destinations without losing too many gifts or getting into an accident. Features in the game- Different Envrionemts- Snowy Hills Day Time Night Time. Differnt styles Trains; Purchase Keys to unlock new Mods. Unlock 30 Different Levels. These Christmas ride with Santa Gift express, and control a train as it goes around the magical world. Help Santa to get ready for the Xmas holiday and delivery the gifts. Get in the driver's seat and take gifts to their destinations, dropping them at stations.

Use A or D or Left and Right Arrow Keys to move Use Left and Right Button on Screen to Move

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