Feed Us 4

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Feed Us 4 unblocked game is the fourth part of the simulator where you have to feed and raise a monster. The bloodthirsty piranha is back in a completely new look, now more dangerous and thirsty for blood. There is a small storyline here that will be important in the first levels. Now the fish is in a solid aquarium on board the plane, from where it is not able to get out. A random event allows you to find a weak point to get free. Now you begin to control all the actions of piranha. First, you need to break the glass and break the chain in order to be in the cargo compartment. Now turn on the alarm button and start breaking the technique. Soon the plane will begin to decline and crash, so you need to act extremely quickly. During the fall, you need to have time to attack several people, which will allow you to get a supply of blood for initial improvements.


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