City Classic Car Driving: 131

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City Classic Car Driving: 131 is a car driving game to test your driving skills. Take your ride, reach high speeds, drive through traffic, and lose the cops. Customize your car in the garage and show it off on the roads of the city. Complete missions like races, pursuits, drift events, and earn more cash. Prepare yourself to be the drift and racing king!


W or up arrow key = accelerate
A or left arrow key = turn left
D or right arrow key = turn right
S or down arrow key = reverse
F = nitro
G = slow motion
Space = handbrake
B = look back
I = start / stop the engine
C = change camera
Q = left sign
E = right sign
Z = hazard sign
T = toggle on / off sirens
OP = use air suspensions
L = use low beam headlights
K = use high beam headlightsd




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